Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beauty on a Budget: Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner Review

Hi everyone. I've decided to start a series of posts called 'Beauty on a Budget'. Good skincare is important to me, but in such a tough economy I try (try being the keyword here, as I don't normally succeed) to save where I can. In these series of posts I'll share with you my reviews on inexpensive beauty finds, as well as a few recipes on making your own skincare products such as body scrubs and hair masks.

Boots Botanics Organic Rosewater Toner

For my first post in this series, I'm reviewing Boots Botanics rosewater toner. It's definitely a budget beauty buy at £3.99 for a 150ml bottle from Boots (~$6 US). I'm a fan of Boots products as I find them very affordable and pretty effective.

What attracted me to this toner was that it was from the Botanics range, which I'm fond of (especially their soothing eye makeup remover). I also like the fact that it had a 'certified 100% organic' tag on it, and that it contained rosewater.

According to Boots, this toner 'gently cleanses and refreshes. Rosewater soothes and tones.'

The toner is a colourless, slightly cloudy liquid. It only contains 5 ingredients (water, alcohol denat., glycerin, damascus rose oil and citronellol), all of which are certified as organic. I like my products to contain as little ingredients as possible, as I believe this would decrease the chances of it irritating me skin. The toner has a nice delicate rose scent. When applied to the skin, the toner feels really nice and refreshing. It also made my skin feel cleansed and well toned. Though it contained alcohol, it did not make my face sting nor did it make my skin feel dry.
After regular use, however, I noticed this product caused minor irritation to my skin in the form of small bumps and redness. It could be the alcohol that is irritating my skin, or I could have a slight allergy to the rose oil. Whatever the cause, I sadly could not continue using this product.

Made from 100% certified organic ingredients. Dermatologically tested. Very affordable, smells nice, and feels refreshing on the skin.

Contains alcohol. Caused minor irritation to my skin.

Overall, I find this product to be good value for money. It's a nice, simple toner which does the job. I would have really liked this product if my skin wasn't so sensitive to it. I think it'll be great for non-sensitive skins which love rose products and do not mind the addition of alcohol.


  1. I really love boots. I recomend you another rose toner. It is from Santa MarĂ­a Novella, an italian firm and it only costs 9 euros. It is amazing!

  2. Thanks for the review!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Hmmm.. I've been hearing great things about this toner but I have sensitive skin too. I wonder if it would start irritating mine >< Since it's so cheap perhaps I will try it out anyway if I'm able to find it where I live. Thanks for the review!

  4. Sounds like a good toner! I've never really tried boots brand out of my life spent in boots hehe. Too bad it has alcohol in it :/