Saturday, March 6, 2010

SKII air touch foundation review

Eventhough I'm on previously mentioned foundation diet, I'm still writing reviews on foundation & foundation alternatives (especially this one, as i like this product alot!)

I heard lots of good things about this foundation, mainly from other beauty bloggers. This foundation was also used on the cast of Twilight in the movie New Moon.

What SKII says:
Achieve a look of flawless beauty...using the wonder of ionization technology to arrange fine particles evenly over the skin. With Pitera and hydrators to help create smoothness and radiance reminiscent of a baby's skin.

So far, it's sounding good..

I purchased the SKII air touch foundation from the Harrods online store. Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued with Harrods and its' no longer available for purchase there. So now I'm currently sourcing places to buy this foundation in the UK.

The foundation comes in 4 shades:
OP1 -Light golden tone (Light)
OP2 - Golden tone (Medium)
BP4 - Rosy tone (Medium)
BR6 - Neutral (Dark)

I bought the shade OP1. This is my first ever (and only) air brush foundation. I have to admit, it look me a long time to figure out how to attach the refil. (I'm the kind of person that does not read the instruction booklet, then regrets it later).

There's a fancy looking dial on the foundation bottle which needs to be turned to the droplet setting to test that the foundation is coming out, then turned to the 'on' setting to spray the foundation.
The foundation is to be sprayed about 10cm away from the face, moving slightly from left to right, drawing a curve. The spray feels like an extremely fine mist. There is so fragrance, and the foundation feels extremely light on my face.

I'm really happy with this foundation as it provided an extremely natural look. The coverage is on the lighter side of medium, but is buildable with longer spraying time. The foundation also looked the dewiest out of all the foundations I've tried. As it's a spray on foundation, the application is flawless. The downpoint is that for the application to be flawless, the foundation must be left to dry. But it takes so long to dry!

I turned to this trusty foundation whenever my skin is at it's worst and needs quite abit of coverage, like when I had a terrible cold a couple of weeks ago and my skin was all bumpby and prickly from overuse of tissue. Anyway, this is a great foundation with buildable coverage and is probably my favourtie foundation at the moment.


  1. cool! This looks great and natural!

  2. This looks really interesting, and the packaging is definitely unique!

  3. So this is the little magic item behind Twilight? To be honest while watching the movie I kept wondering how they made the actors skin look so natural and flawless at the same time! :O Thx for sharing! It looks really good on you =]

  4. I've searched websites everywhere for a UK retailer that sells this foundation, but to no avail. Now that you say Harrods has discontinued selling this, I don't know what to do.

  5. i wanna ask u something. im so pale and i ve reddish blonde hair. i cant find any foundation for me and could you suggest me a foundation which has lightest shades,good at me ?

  6. Does anyone know whether the refill is a powder or a moist lotion please.