Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink mini haul

I recently went on abit of a pink phase, and bought some pretty pink-ish makeup. First up is Estee Lauder and Michael Kors Very Hollywood blush in Sunset Coral 07.
The Very Hollywood Collection comes in a gorgeous coral pink box, and has a nude beige pink packaging.

The blush itself is a light peachy pink colour:

Here's what it looks like on my cheeks:

Next up is the Estee Lauder and Michael Kors Very Hollywood Sheer Lip Sheen SPF 15 in Bungalow Pink. It's a vivid raspberry pink:

A swatch of it on my lips:

My next purchase was a MAC in Lillyland cremeblend blush in So sweet, so easy. I think they're only selling MAC in Lillyland products online on the MAC website here in the UK. I haven't managed to find any in the shops.
The blush is a light, yellow pink. A really sweet and pretty colour:
A swatch of the blush on my cheeks. Applied with Illamasqua Blending Brush 2 (great for applying cream blushers)

Please excuse my undereye circles. I was ill with a cold when this pic was taken. My skin was chafed too from constant rubbing of my nose with tissues.

In addition to pink makeup, I also found this adorable throw from Marks and Spencers:

I thought i'll add this in. It's my own personal gem, my PhD thesis. I've collected my copies from the book binders and handed them to the university for their library collection. Below is my own personal copy which I've put on display in my bookshelf (abit sad I know, but I'm quite proud of it!)


  1. Oh everything looks great on you! you are so lovely!
    wow... PhD thesis, of course you should be proud of yourself! I'm working on my master's but soon I'm done with my thesis I will show it to everyone and dislay it! uff... such an hard work! haha

  2. Hi P, all of these are way too cute!!! I love the first Estee Lauder Blush on you it looked so natural you looked like you're naturally blushing!!!! :)

  3. Nice buys! The lipstick looks is my fav :D

  4. Hi Penelope~ I love the buys! That EL blush looks gorgeous, and so does the MAC lipstick, and the Creme blush! Actually I don't own any creme blushes because I apply a lot of concealer to my cheek area (to cover acne scars) I'm wondering if the creme blush would smudge it all off? Do you know what I mean? O__O

    And congrats on the completion of your thesis! It's fine and not sad at all, for so much hard work put into it you should be proud! I think my dad still has his from like 1989 on a bookshelf somewhere in our house! I discovered it by chance when I was a kid, and was like WOAHHH why does this book have your name on it daddy? xD

  5. Hi! I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog. Great shades of pink blushes. Both look great on you. And the strawberry throw = two thumbs up! =]

    I was looking through your previous posts ans saw a bunch of things I really like:
    I love the iphone protectors from your previous post [although I don't currently own an iphone]. When/if I get an iphone I will definitely get one of those protectors. I love the flora ones and the one with the pandas [the one you got]. Pandas are so cute.
    Also, I think the flower stud earrings you got from your trip in the previous post are gorgeous.

  6. WOW! i didn't know that Estee Lauder and Michael Kors had a collabrations togetherr!!!! thanks for letting me knoww! <3

  7. blogwalker here :) i saw the michael kors and estee lauder collaboration in my magazine and thought the colours were soooo lovely! thanks for showing this to us :) the lipstick looks gorgeous on you :)

  8. thanks girls for such lovely comments!