Monday, February 8, 2010

Back from Malaysia

I'm back from visiting my family in KL, Malaysia. My sis also came by from Australia, so it was a nice little reunion! My sis and I also stopped by Kuching, Sarawak to visit our grandpa and relatives. We soon realised we spent more time eating than not eating, and as a result I now need to go on a diet.

I didn't really take any pictures of my trip, as I was mainly spending time with my family. However, I did do alot of shopping. I wanted to buy things I couldn't get in the UK. I also bought quite a few cute little dresses in preparation for summer, aswell as some shift dresses for work. Below are a pair of earrings I found at the numerous gold jewellers dotted around the waterfront in Kuching, followed by some pics of my beauty haul.

Make up for ever HD invisible cover foundation #117
I've heard lots of good things about this foundation. It's designed to provide medium to full coverage while remaining invisible on-screen and real life.

Canmake Powder Cheeks PW20
An inexpensive Japanese brand blush that gives a pretty baby pink glow to cheeks

Vichy Bi-White reveal lightening deep cleansing foam & double corrective whitening emulsion
I've always liked Vichy products and couldn't resist trying their whitening range. Especially since my skin's been looking a little dull lately.

Silk Whitea Organic Peach Water-Binding Mask & Organic Strawberry Whitening Mask
My sis and I have tried this a few times and love their fruity scents and the nice glow they provide.

Laniege Water Sleeping Pack

A hydrating mask which works while you sleep. I got this to help rehydrate my skin after the drying effects of 6 flights in 2 weeks. I loved how easy it was to use (i.e. apply onto face, then go to sleep). My face felt more hydrated the next day, but so far I haven't seen a vast improvement in my skin.

Laneige Sunblock Triple SPF40

A 3 in 1 product combining suncare, relievement of photo aging, and correction of skin tone. I'm not sure what i think of this product. It illuminated my skin, but gave me a very slight white-cast. It also contains silicone which I've heard is not great for the skin.

Near my grandma's house a loads of shops selling everything you would never want, all in one roof. However, I managed to find a new nice things and bought them in the spirit of Chinese New Year. I got these cherry blossom sprigs to give our home a more oriental feel.

And these pigs as both my husband and I were born in the year of the pig (and also because they are quite cute!)
A quick, and random NOTD to finish off. This is my current favourite nail colour: Chanel, Ming #471. I like it so much that I've pretty much worn it exclusively all winter.


  1. What a gorgeous nail polish. I really do adore Chanel, how are the nail polish qualities? Do they chip easily?

  2. Nice pick on the Laneige Sleeping pack, i've heard a lot of good review about it. The Chanel nail polish...CAWAII!

  3. Hi claire, I find that the chanel nail polishes do chip afetr a week or so. Should be ok with a good top coat on top. The quality is good, thay last in the bottle longer than most nail polishes

  4. Aww I really like your blog ^___^ so I had to follow <333 Those golden piggies look so adorable!!! Hehe pigs can fly ^______^


  5. I love the polish, and the earrings also look so pretty! I've been wanting to try that MUFE foundation for awhile, but I'm happy with my current powder so I can never bring myself to buy it...LOL.

  6. Let me know how the MUFE HD foundation works for you :) I'm using their primer + translucent powder.

  7. Hi Edna,

    The MUFE HD foundation is pretty good. It looked great applied with a stippling brush, and gave a nice even finish. However, i have to admit I have not used this often as I much prefer the SKII air touch foundation (gave me a more radiant glow)

  8. i love the polish colour on you! so glossy and pretty!! <3

    i wish they sold Laneige and Canmake products in Canada but unfortunately they don't. nice haul girl! xx