Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunplay Skin Aqua Moisture BB Cream Review

Today I'm reviewing a great BB cream that I bought from awhile ago.

I like to keep my makeup light, especially in Summer when the weather is warm and too much product makes my face feel/look greasy. I decided to try this BB cream out for special occasions where I want a little coverage on my skin, but still want natural looking skin. The Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua Moisture BB Cream SPF27PA++ sells for ~US$ 17, and is one of my favourite BB creams so far.

Front View:


This BB cream claims the following properties:

sun protection




oil control



The BB cream has a thick, creamy consistency, and a nice smooth texture. Like most BB creams, it only comes in one shade. Unlike other BB creams, this one doesn't have a greyish tinge to it. Instead, the colour is a warm beige when squeezed out of the tube.

When spread out, the colour turns slightly lighter.

I find that the resulting colour matched my skintone exactly.

Here's a picture of my skin with the BB cream.

Texture, coverage, and scent:

The BB cream is pretty thick, which makes application a little hard. Once spread evenly, it provides good medium coverage. Less is more with this cream, applying too much would give a slight cakey effect and would also be difficult to apply. It has a light scent which is hard to describe (but not unpleasant). I found that the BB cream does have a moisturising effect on the skin, but would still use if over my daily moisturiser.


I love the finish of this BB cream. Eventhough it's a moisturising BB cream it does not leave an oily looking finish. Instead, the effect is more demi-matte. A plus point is the radiant glow it gives my skin despite being slightly matte.


-contains SPF

-gives a dewy finish yet does not look oily

-good coverage

-did not irritate my skin


-not available in the UK


  1. HOW perfect does your skin look? love it! xxx

  2. Ohh this is pretty! : D I love the packaging!

  3. Thank you so much for the review! I'm always looking to try a new BB cream :D

  4. Great review! Love how it looks on ur skin.. The only BB cream I have is the Missha one and it's a tad bit grey for me.. But nothin a lil bronzer can't fix..

    Hoping to try out the Dior BB cream soon..

  5. thanks for review.. i love bb cream
    and i use them a lot..
    i never heard of that brand name..
    but its looks a good brand for a bb cream
    i want to give it a try too ^^

  6. thanks for the review, actually I've been looking for a BBC too >.< I sold my skinfood aloe bbc to my bestie and I think I'm going to try innisfree eco bb cream. have u heard about it?

  7. it blends perfectly on your skin! i wish they'd also release the bb cream in my country so i can try it. :)

  8. Oh I have this too! I must dig it out again. Thanks for the reminder dear x

  9. This is my favorite bb cream too

  10. OMG! I been waiting for someone to do a review on this product for months! Thank you!!

  11. oooo looks gorgeous! Your skin makes me so jealous :P
    I think I might give this a try

    great post as usual :D

  12. Thanks for the super nice review! Skin aqua bb looks really nice. Your skin looks so pretty and that makes me wanna try it too :3

  13. how's the oil control? love the extra spf protection. btw, sasa is offering free shipping above $25 starting tomorrow.

  14. Your skin looks so lovely! Thanks for the review, Ive been meaning to try a BB Cream forever! xx

  15. wow! your skin looks so immaculate! :)

  16. It matches your skin so well, despite the color in the tube. Your skin looks really flawless! I know this sounds ignorant, but I still don't really get the difference between BB's and foundation, since some foundations have skin beneficial effects and can conceal blemishes as well. I guess I'll just have to keep reading!

  17. Wow this BB cream makes your skin look so smooth!! O: Or maybe your skin was smooth to begin with ><< but it matches you perfectly! (:

  18. Thanks for the great comments.
    @Cushy - I found the oil control pretty good, but I would be a bad judge for it as the weather here is not too hot and I don't have problems with oily skin just yet.
    @Dovey - BB creams differ from foundation as in they claim to have other benefits as well. I also find BB cream to be more creamy and thick in consistency. In terms of coverage BB creams can be more similar to tinted moisturizer of foundation, depending on their coverage. In terms of finish, I prefer BB creams as they tend to look more natural and more dewy (like tinted moisturiser. Most brands don't tend to cake.

  19. i saw this brand on a magazine but haven't tried anything yet. it looks really nice on you. too bad it's not available in the US and UK.

  20. Thankyouuz<3 HAHHA, yeah I know right? After I posted the new photos of my hair, 2 more people unfollowed me. lol. Is it weird that I feel a bit offended that people only follow me cause my hair is big and 80's-like? lol. I would've done great as a cast member of DYNASTY! lol. No styling needed ; D Haha!

  21. ive been contemplating on whether to get this when it was on sale in my local drug store. I REGRET,thanks for the great review,your skin looks amazing! ;) and hello from malaysia

  22. this looks like a good product! hmm I should give it a try, it looks great with you

  23. You already have fabulous skin so i think the BB cream just enhanced it :D

    I haven't noticed this BB cream from Skinaqua for some reason... must stalk my local drugstore! hehe. Thanks for the review!

    RYC - all havoc is loose around my t-zones (now nose atm) lol. it's just concealing there :P I wished I had great like you consistently!!

  24. Thanks for the review and pictures. I like how this product looks like just healthy skin - no makeup whatsoever!:D

    Happy Sunday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  25. Sounds very promising! I also tagged you, hope you can do it! =)

  26. BB cream i heard great this about this thanz for the review...soo pretty...anoyying thing it not aviable in uk...

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