Monday, June 13, 2011

FOTD Using Smashbox In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette

This FOTD was created using my current favourite eyeshadow palette - Smashbox In Bloom. This palette has a range of pretty, easy to use shades that I find will be perfect for Summer/ Autumn.

Please ignore my hair. It's at that really awkward stage of growing the fringe out. This is probably the first post in a long while that anyone's seen my eyebrows!

Sorry for the extremely blurry shot of my products used!

Products Used:

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
Sunplay Skin Aqua Moisture BB cream
By Terry Hyaluronic Eye Primer
Smashbox In Bloom Eye Shadow Palette
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, Black
Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, Pale Pink
Bobbi brown Lip Colour Pink

To prep my skin, I used Estee Lauder's New Idealist Skintone Illuminator. It's a skincare product that is designed to perfect skintone whilst providing a subtle illuminating effect.

I've had this product for two weeks and really love it. I normally use it in the morning under my daily moisturiser and it really brightens up my skin.

I've taken a couple of holidays in the last month and though I religiously apply sunscreen, I've noticed uneven pigmentation especially around the nose area. So for this FOTD, I applied Sunplay Skin Aqua Moisture BB Cream on the notice to even out my skintone.

From the Smashbox Palette, I selected a pale rose gold shade and a moss green (top left, bottom right).

Here are swatches of the two shades:

I used the rose gold shade all over the upper lip, from the lash line to the crease. I then applied black eyeliner, and brushed the moss green shadow on top of the lash line to soften the eyeliner.

I then applied a coat of mascara to the lashes to finish of my eye-makeup.

For my lips and cheeks, I chose to go bright and pink.

I used Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Pale Pink on my cheeks, and love the subtle glow cream blushes give to the cheeks. It's a Bobbi Brown filled FOTD today as I'm using Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Pink on my lips.


  1. very nice FOTD, you are super super beautiful~~~ ^^

  2. i know the focus was the eyes, but i cant blv how incredibly perfect ur skin looks!!

  3. You look so beautiful :)

    The glow on your cheeks looks so great!

    Love it <3

  4. Oh my! You are SO flippin' beautiful! You look so mature and.. just wow in these shots. There's this ray of sophistication over them. I really really like it! : D

  5. nice FOTD especially your lips.

  6. lovely

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  7. your skin is so radiant! more fotds please.. :3 i love love your fotds because you are so pretty. =)

  8. you're so pretty. I want to try that estee lauder illuminator. =)


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  9. that palette looks beautiful! I love your eyes too! what a soft and pretty look!

  10. Omg you are SO pretty. I think the Estee Lauder really does work, because your skin looks so luminous and healthy. Not that it looked bad before, but you have such a lovely glow. I am also really loving your eyes.

  11. Wow your are beautiful ! Your eyes are so pretty luv the make!
    I am a new follower :)

  12. I love the look and your lips looks super pretty! Thank you for the FOTD! =)

  13. Gosh you have such flawless skin, so pretty! I love your eyeshadows!! xX

  14. you look really pretty, I like how every time you wear make up it looks like you're barely wearing anything :D

  15. Absolutely gorgeous as always Penelope!

    Kisses, Melanie

  16. OHHH can you do a thorough review on the estee lauder new idealist illuminator? You look gorgeous as ever!

  17. you really have a perfect skin pen! :D you're beautiful as always! love your FOTD's!

  18. Beautiful! It looks really nice for warm weather - all pink and shimmery.
    And I think your fringe looks nice still! I wish mine could look like that whenever I decide to grow the fringe out.

  19. I've been thinkin about getting the Estee Lauder New Idealist Skintone Illuminator.. Your face looks so bright and gorgeous!

  20. I like the moss green on top of your lash line. Unexpected shade.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  21. i love you eye....wish i had it soo prettyy....and the eyeshodow collection is pretty!!wow my wish list just get bigger and bigger

  22. I only discovered your blog recently and I am loving it! :)

    If I may ask... Do you wear circle lenses?

  23. Thanks everyone for your compliments!! @anonymous glad you like my blog! Yes, I do wear circle lens for my FOTDs x

  24. LOVE this look, especially the lip combo.