Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Writing's on the Wall... Tag

I was tagged by the gorgeous Georgina from coffretgorge to do this cute tag. It's a quick handwritten questionnaire. Thanks Georgina for tagging me in such a fun tag!

Get a piece of paper and write the answers to the following questions:

1. What's your name/your blogger name?

2. What's your blog's name/URL?

3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

4. Favorite quote?

5. Your Favorite song?

6. Your favorite band/singers?

7. Anything else you want to say?

8. Tag three to five other people (I tagged 6 - oops!)

(Sorry, my handwriting is a bit small. You can click on the pic to enlarge it)


  1. yay!! thanks dear for tagging me..such a fun tag! i will do mine ASAP.. your handwriting is super cute and neat!

    when i was a kid, i used to copy and learn all of my friends' handwriting because mine was terrible..HAHA! so i don't have one handwriting back then and one of my teachers thought i asked my friends to do my homework for me.. LOL..

    i hope people won't be shocked to see mine..hahaha..i will try my best to keep it as neat as possible for people to be able to read..
    thanks again for the tag. i feel so honoured to be a part of this fun tag..


  2. Yay! thanks for doing the tag Penelope! i enjoyed reading your answers especially the quote. :) you have such neat penmanship! :)

  3. Thank you for tagging me Penelope! It looks like such a fun one :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  4. That's such a cute tag and you have a very pretty handwriting! Thank you for the tag love!

  5. Awwww, thank you so much for tagging me sweetie!^___^*
    ps;your handwriting is the cutest!*___*<3

  6. love your handwriting! :) blog walking

  7. Nice had writing^^ Thanks for sharing.

  8. aww, love your hand writing, it's super cute^^

  9. can you tell me what products i should use?*read all* hair,makeup,skin?

  10. Hello Penelope, I found your blog through Yana :) I really like that quote! ~Emily