Monday, March 28, 2011

Dior Capture Totale High Definition Radiance Loose Powder Review

I'm a huge fan of Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup, and wanted to find something similar but with less coverage and more glow. I try not to use too many products on my easily irritated skin, so I was looking for a light loose powder that I could dust over my skin whenever my skin looked a bit shiny or if my skin needed a little radiance boost.

I was given the Dior Capture Totale High Definition Radiance Loose Powder as a gift, and it ticked all the boxes; a loose powder which gives radiance to the skin.

According to Dior:
The 1st Dior 'radiance powder' created from a unique blend of HD Liquid Crystal Pigments and Aminolumine, the star ingredient of the CAPTURE TOTALE skincare line, to deeply reactivate the luminosity of the complextion. Applied with the powder puff of brush over foundation or directly after your Capture Totalte skincare, it embellishes makeup, optically smoothes the skin and reveals 'high-definition' radiance.
Its slightly rose universal shade adapts to every skin tone to provide a sheer touch of freshness.

The price is high-end at around £45, but you do get quite a lot of product and it does last a very long time. The outer packaging looks very luxurious shiny silver coloured box.

The powder is housed in a very study, good quality clear tub with pearly silvery-lavender lid.

I was happy to see a mini flat brush included as well as small silky soft powder puff.

The sweet looking brush has a silver coloured semi-circular handle. The bristles of the brush a super dense, but does not feel very soft on the skin.

The powder only comes in one shade: Rose Lumiere/Bright Light 001

It's a really pretty light peachy/pink beige. The powder is very fine and soft.

List of ingredients

My thoughts:

I love the texture of this powder. It's so fine, and silky soft. It feels really weightless and fresh on the skin, and it feels like I'm not wearing any makeup.

This powder has little to no coverage as it's a radiance boosting loose powder. It contains very tiny particles of shimmer which you have to look very closely in bright light to see. I love that the shimmer is so subtle as I don't look good with an overly shimmer face. It has good oil control and would be perfect for setting makeup.

Due to the subtle shimmer, the powder gives a nice radiant finish to the skin. Though the radiance is not hugely obvious, I did notice my skin to be brighter and my skintone to be slightly more even. On top of foundation, this powder gives a flawless, bright look to the skin.

Here is my naked skin without the powder:

It needs some oil control, and a bit of brightening. I really like the natural look, and use this powder on its own.
So here are some pics of the powder on top of moisturised skin:

The powder evens out my skintone, and makes it less grey looking. It also gives the skin a brighter look and a soft-focused glow.


-comes with both powder puff and brush

-lightweight and silky soft on the skin

-good oil control

-gives skin a radiance and glow

-shimmer is very sutble, and not glittery

-comes in a big tub, and a little of the product goes a long way


- expensive

-bristles of the brush is not silky soft


  1. Can you please do a skincare post , your skin is PERFECT . I'd like to know your routine . Thanks .

  2. waah, it gives you a lovely dewy finish. I love it... >.< I think I'll add this on my wishlist.

  3. OMG P, are you for real?! Your naked skin beats mine any day even if I had a zillion layers of any product :o *dies*

  4. You have great skin to begin with, but it gives you an extra brightness!

    Do you think it's translucent enough to work on darker skin tones?

  5. This powder is so appealing. I wish it come in a small sampler size so I can give it a try without spending so much money =X Lucky of you to receive it as a gift! Maybe I can add it on to my bday list when the time comes.
    You have really pretty skin to begin with, but I can see what the powder adds to it and radiance is the word.

    Thank you so much for the post! Looking forward to more :)

  6. This is such a great review! Your skin is so flawless and it looks lovely on you! <3

  7. you have such nice skin, the powder looks really nice on =]

  8. i luv Dior, and the product looks great one you~~~But im allergic to some of their ingrideints so i cant use all of their products..

    check out my blog if u can and if u follow me i'll be even happier

  9. your bare skin looks so flawless you dont even need this product! lol! whats your secret for beautiful skin P? i used to have really good skin as well but that slowly disappeared when i got addicted to trying out new products on my face. :(

    but anyway, the dior hd powder makes your skin more glowy and pretty! i wanna try! -> you see? lol xD thanks for the review!

  10. cute post, i used to use dior makeup but then i ventured out into other brands that i think are better for my dry skin. and by dry i mean like REALLY REALLY DRYYYYYYY :S i recently did a review on a bunch of different department store foundations, so check it out if u have a moment :)


  11. wow! this is the type of loose powder that I'm looking for! I love it!

    btw, thanks for visiting me and being a new friend:)

  12. I am also a big fan of Dior skin nude loose power, now you really really make me want to try out this one! It sounds too good to be true!

  13. Thanks girls for the compliments on my skin! Will post my skincare routine sometime in April. @25FLondon I think it depends on how dark the skin is. Should definitely be alright for your skin tone, but maybe best to see how it looks at a Dior counter just in case!

  14. sounds like a good powder! 11g is not bad considering only two Cons u mentioned.

    your skin looks absolutely radiant and flawless may i say again?!

  15. OMG look at your skin!!! I'm so envious hahaha~

    I can never finish powders =[

  16. Thanks for the reply - I'll be on the look out for this when I'm next there!

  17. Thanks for the review on this, had been wondering what it was like for ages. Your skin looks lovely in the before pics but the powder really brightens and adds a glowy finish. Looks like really good stuff! x

  18. Thanks for the review and pictures - this sure does look promising!:D

    ***** Marie *****