Sunday, February 13, 2011

NEW Nars Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils: New Lover and Baroque

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a good week!

I was really excited about the lauch of Nars new Velvet Glosss Lip Pencils as I'm a big fan of their Velvet Matte range. These gloss pencils are fairly pricey and cost ~£17.50 each, but since Nars is one of my fave makeup brands, I definitely planned to purchase them when they became available.

They were launched on Feb 1st, and I bought myself 2 shades; New Lover and Baroque.

Baroque on top, New Lover below:

New Lover on the left, Baroque right:

New Lover (left) is described as Strawberry Pink laced with Gold. Baroque is a Bold Raspberry Sorbet.

Here are some lip swatches. First up is New Lover. This is a gorgeous, easy to wear shade. On me, this colour looks a peachy, pinky-red (hard to describe!)

The gold flecks are fairly evident, especially in the pic below. This pic was taken in bright natural sunlight. The bright light washes out the colour of the gloss slightly, but you can see the gold shimmer.

Next up is Baroque. This shade is alot more pigmented then New Lover, and on the lips it's really quite dark. For the pic below, I've applied the pencil really sheerly on my lips more a more suitable day-time look. For some reason, it looks lighter in this pic than it does in real life - must be thst the lighting is too bright.

Below is the gloss 'un-sheered out':

I LOVE these pencils are they give the lips the shine of a gloss, without being over-the-top. They also lack the annoying stickiness of glosses. They feel pretty moisturising on the lips, leaving me with healthy looking, shiney lips.

One thing to note is that these bloss pencils have a soft consistency, much softer than the Velvet Matte Pencils. A light hand is needed when applying them, to prevent them breaking too easilty or wearing down too quickly.


  1. wow these pencils are awesome i love the first one a lot

  2. Ooh.. the New Lover one looks really pretty.

    Kisses, Melanie

  3. Oh wow! I love how these lip pencils look on you! I was a skeptic at first because the Nars eye crayons supposedly scored badly on reviews.

    The colour Baroque is absolutely stunning on you! Thanks for the review.

  4. Hi dear , I'm a new follower to your blog =)
    The lip pencils are so nice ! Too bad that Nars is not available at Malaysia >_<

  5. i love nars lip pencils. thanks for sharing the swatches. xo

  6. Oh my!!!
    It looks sooooo good!!!!!

  7. I'm still a NARS virgin. These colorsticks for lips are reaally popular this year.

  8. I have "New Lover" too! It's the only one I've purchased so far. It's such a pretty shade! These pencils are great. Thanks for the review :)

  9. i might have to check these out soon! they look lovely on you!

  10. i just did a review for NARS - ANGELIKA in multiple from tainted LOVE SET!

    i'm into NARS frenzy in March!! should look at my fb albums hehe

    nouve monde duo e/s is mesmerizing
    melusine duo e/s is fairy pixie like!

    however i hav yet to try much of their lippie range! now you got me lemmings~