Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year & Quick CNY Inspired FOTD

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!! Hope you all have a very wonderful and auspicous year ahead!

This year, it's the year of the Rabbit. In Asia (or Chinatown), you can see lots of cute little rabbit decorations for sale. Not to mention adorable Chinese New Year cards with little bunnies, like this one my husband's grandma sent us.

In the spirit of Chinese New Year, I have decorated Ollivander, our little Olive tree with little chinese lanterns.

My family (but not me!) will be in Sarawak, Malaysia for Chinese New Year this year as there will be a huge reunion on my father's side. I'm not attending as I just came back from there. Somehow, I didn't find out about the reunion until a few weeks ago... I feel a bit left out of the loop!

Anyway, my family will be in my hometown of Miri to celebrate CNY with my Dad's side of the family, then Kuching to celebrate with my mum's family. I haven't been back to Miri in about 5 years, so it'll be nice to see what it's like nowadays. It was a quiet little beach town ~20 years ago when I used to live there, but it was a bustling city the last time I went!

I've done a quick FOTD to go with this post. I used my YSL Pur Couture red lipstick stained on my lips using my fingers, to create a more subtle cherry colour.

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to completely forego foundation this year (not sure how long this will last). Foundation tends to irritate my skin a lot and I feel I'm more suited to tinted moisturisers or light BB creams. Better yet is to not wear any base as then my skin will be irritant free. My previous FOTD was made before the New Year, so I've not quite violated my resolution yet!

For this FOTD, I'm using Shu Uemura's Instant Glow Skin Perfecting Cream instead of foundation. It gives skin a nice radiant look, however, I found it did irritate my skin a little bit.

Products Used:

Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant Glow Immediate Radiance Skin Perfecting Cream
MAC Blush in Peaches

Dior Earth Reflection
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Black
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

YSL rouge Pur Couture in 01

Please excuse my very messy hair. Sadly it was kind of deliberate. I was trying a messy, just got out of bed look, but realised it did not go well with my type of fringe. So I ended up looking like a deranged witch.

One of my favourite blushers is Mac Peaches. It gives skin a nice peachy colour, while imparting a subtle glow. It makes me a little healthier looking. I'll be reaching for this blush more in the Summer.

It's tradition to wear red on CNY. I'm just wearing a simple red T-shirt in this FOTD as I realised I don't own many red clothes. I could have worn a cheongsam for the pics, but they are in very un-CNY colours of either white, blue or black.


  1. haha your hair looks fine! it looks thick and healthy, that's all it matters :) happy cny, btw that's a nice view from your balcony

  2. Happy Chinese New Year and your FOTD looks simply beautiful. I love the red on you, it settles in so well and soft.

  3. You have FLAWLESS skin.. Read that FLAWLESSSSSSSSSSS skin that people would kill for. (I know I would *whistles) You don't need the foundation anyway :D

    Ehhh, you're from Sarawak?? I wouldn't have guessed! Where I work, we have lots and lots of Sarawakians. A colleague of mine from Miri invited us over for her wedding (Her hubby was from Kuching) but I didn't go since I couldn't afford the air ticket T.T
    Maybe next time :D

  4. Happy Chinese new year to you too!~★
    And your FOTD Looks so pretty!I wanna try this look tomorrow!;D Red color really suits you!~

  5. Happy Chinese New Year!:D

    Loving the mini lanterns.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. The lip color looks amazing on you!

  7. Happy Chinese New Year.
    That bunny card is so cute.
    You look gorgeous. I love the lip colour.

  8. You have an amazing view from your balcony. Happy New Years and Good Fortune!

  9. Those cards are so cute! Happy Chinese New Year ^_^

  10. omg how can you get such good skin without foundation on !?!?!? :D seriously

    happy chinese new year!

  11. Happy Chinese year Penelope! You look beautiful in red... I want that lipstick!! It's so pretty and it's not OTT for the day! I'm going agree with you on foundation too - I prefer TM if I can getaway with it! Just wondering if you received your package yet? Hope you get it soon!

  12. Oops I mean happy Chinese new year**

  13. happy chinese new year :) your makeup is beautiful!


    I love YSL lipsticks *-* But in ur fotd I love the Mac blush on u the most!! thanks for following~

  15. happy new year dear :)

    and you are so pretty !

  16. Happy Chinese New Year!

    Lovely blush color!

  17. i should totally check out that Shu primer :D!

  18. Happy Chinese New Year, I am actually mixed a little bit Chinese but I don't understand though. You look gorgeous with red and I love your eyes super cute!

  19. happy chinese new year ^^ and i love your make up ^^ and i wish I had your hair!

  20. happy chinese new year :)
    Oh I love your header!

  21. Happy Chinese New Year to you too, dear Penelope! your face is so glow-y and i love the lip color as well. really pretty.

  22. happy chinese new years! love your hair and your eyes! xo

  23. yeah thanks :) and no problem :)

  24. Thanks lovelies for the sweet comments! hope everyone had an amazing Chinese New year!

  25. happy new year :D !!
    it's so cute that it's rabbit year, but we in vietnam celebrate the year of the cat x)
    and you are really beautiful btw!

  26. awh thanks u ^^ im following back! i hope u had a great new year!

  27. @chopstick panorama Wow, Year of the Cat? That's really interesting, thanks for telling me! Also thanks for the sweet compliment!

  28. Hi Penelope,

    A bit late, but Happy Chinese New Year to you. Love the lipstick on you.

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