Monday, May 14, 2012

Beginners: Flattering Makeup For Asians (East Asian)

Hi everyone. I decided to do a new series for Beginners to makeup. So all of my dear friends from Blogger, you're probably going to find this series fairly redundant and boring as you probably know a lot more than me about makeup. But to those of you who are new to makeup, this new series addresses helpful (I hope you will find them helpful) tips and tutorials for makeup and skincare.

Today's beginners post focuses on makeup that is flattering on Asian skintones. Asian in the UK refers mostly to South Asians such as Indians, but this post refers to East Asians such as myself.

The picture above is of Lin Chi-ling portraying legendary beauty Xiao Qiao in the film Red Cliff. Her makeup consists of pink cheeks with pinky red lips, which I find extremely flattering on Asian women.

I did not even begin to try and look like Lin Chi-ling, but here is a look I did using blue-based pink cheeks and plum/red-pink lips. I may do a look in the future where I try to replicate her makeup.

I have left out foundation for this look (as they seriously irritate my skin! I know, how sad), but for those of you who prefer a little coverage, a tinted moisturiser or light BB cream is great for flawless healthy looking skin. A favourite tip of mine is 'less is more'. Start with a light layer and build on it if necessary. That way you would not end up with too thick a layer of base makeup.

Cream coloured eyeshadow on the upper lids helps to brighten the eyes. I used the cream shade from the Revlon Glam Eyes in Orion.

Curl lashes with a good eyelash curler (I highly recommend Shu Uemura's, or my new favourite - Koji no. 71) and a quick flick of lengthening mascara for the appearance of fluttery long lashes. I used Clarins Instant Definition Mascara.

For those wanting to give the appearance of even bigger eyes, a nude eyeliner at the waterline of the bottom lid does a great job of subtly opening up the eyes. I used Dolce & Gabbana The Eyeliner in Nude.

I find blue-based, cool toned light pink blush really flattering on Asian skin, especially on fair Asian skintones. I love Nars Blush in Gaiety (applied with a light hand). I've seen numerous pictures of this blush on blogs and this blush varies from vibrant medium pink to a brightening light pink on different skin tones.

For those with fair skin and wanting a paler, less vibrant, less blue based blush, Illamasqua Katie is a great choice.

I find plum-based pinks on lips very flattering, and love the new Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss in 04. Since this gloss has teeth whitener on one end, it further flatters the face by whitening the smile. For a subtler look, I applied this gloss onto my lips and smudged it slightly with my finger to blend the colour with my natural lip colour.

Lip stains provide equally flattering lip colour. I am in love with berry or cherry red stains which gives that 'just been kissed' lips, as well as brightening up the whole complexion.

The look below is exactly the same, except I have swapped the lip colour for a cherry red stain. I used one from the Korean brand Baviphat.

Berry/cherry lip tints instantly lifts the complexion, for a brighter, healthy look (great for days when you feel your complexion looks a little dull or if you didn't get much sleep the night before).


  1. So pretty! It's a look that would make anybody look younger (or even younger, on a person who is already young) ^.^

  2. Gorgeous!! I love this look. Lin Chiling looks amazing despite the fact she is already in her late 30s...

    1. She's in her late 30s?! I didn't know that - that's amazing.

  3. you are so pretty! this one is def a look I would wear everyday ;) I love how your eyes are so big O__O

  4. love the simple look, definitely a look I wear daily :)
    I love a raspberry tinted lip! :)

  5. Thanks for this informative post ♥

  6. I love this post :) I think cheeks are very important for East Asians... it really brings out their unique face shapes. Thanks for this post =D

  7. you always look great in natural makeup! your tutorial is very easy to understand too!

  8. thanks for your easy to follow tutorial. i've never tried nude eyeliner, might give it a shot next time.

  9. Great post. I need this. I do agree with the pink cheeks. You did a good replication.

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  10. may i say that you look even better than her? (no offense to her fans, though!)
    i am so excited you're doing this series. looking forward to your next post! :)

  11. Thank you for showing the various types of products and tools you use to apply makeup to your face. It helps seeing photos of each type.

  12. wow i agree with everyone you look soo pretty and i love the colours amazing will neeed to get myself some of these products thanks for the share <3

  13. Looks so simple, but SEXY at the same time. LOVE it!!!

  14. Great ! I love how happy you are and look in these pictures

  15. Amazing. I am so in love with your look.

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