Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Luview: Haul and Review

Hi everyone. I've read such good things about the Korean Brand Luview, that I decided I must try them out for myself. I bought some products from their online shop which ships internationally.

I bought the following products:

Crystal Mineral Pact

Real Skin Primer BB Cream

Whitening Capsule BB Cream

Glossy Kiss

I normally wouldn't buy so many products from a brand I've never tried before, but the prices were so reasonable I couldn't resist.

I'll review each product in separate posts, and today I'll review the Whitening Capsule BB Cream.

I do love the packaging of Luview products. They were far more superior than what I would have expected for the price. The Whitening BB Cream is housed in a sleek bottle with push top nozzle.

This cream is said to have whitening and moisturising effects. It has a medium to thick consistency which is easily applied and blended. Initially white, the cream blends to a pale beige (which matches my skintone exactly) with micro shimmer.

The cream half-blended:

The cream fully blended:

The cream on my skin:

I'm quite impressed with the coverage of this BB cream. It has a medium coverage which looks light and natural on the skin. The coverage is good enough to even out my skintone and covers any redness on my skin. I do not think the cream alone would be enough to cover any potential blemishes.

I love the finish of this BB cream. It doesn't cake and give that 'obvious makeup' look. It just covers small imperfections and gives a flawless, radiant finish.

I found this cream to be long lasting, and best of all - it does not irritate my sensitive skin.


Great Packaging

A Little of the product goes a long way

Good Coverage with a flawless finish

Does not irritate my skin

Contains ethereal looking micro shimmer

(and I normally detest shimmer)


Not to keen on the strong scent

Would like it to contain SPF


  1. Really Good Post!!
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  2. Oh wow, it looks great on you :D What shade did you purchase this in or is there only one shade available atm? Looking forward tot eh rest of your reviews :)

  3. Cool, I haven't heard of this brand before! How unusual that there isn't SPF in the BB Cream, no? Your skin looks really lovely, though.

  4. whoo... I'm so glad that you decided to try LUVIEW~~~ ^^ my favest BBC from luview is crystal cover BB cream and Aqua BB Cream :D

  5. Penelope, you look flawless as always!

  6. a bb cream without an spf seems rather unusual but i have read so many good reviews on this product and i think it looks good on you! :)

  7. I've read such great reviews on the Korean BB creams, but when I tried out some of these brands I felt they are better suited for lighter skin tones as most brands don't carry wide shade selection. But if you can find the right shade, a BB cream can be an HG product indeed. Thanks for sharing this with us

  8. A little bit of shimmer (like this) is good. A lot is scary and overwhelming. I think this looks beautiful on you.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. The BB cream looks lovely on you!! So natural~ a perfect match! Now that you've posted about Luview, I'm so curious on how they'd hold up on my skin. The prices really are so reasonable too~but for now, I will be looking forward to more of your reviews. ^^

  10. what an awesome haul.

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  11. Oo I will check this brand out, the BB cream looks amazing on you! :) <3

  12. I LOVE this BB Cream! I've been trying it for about a month and think it's awesome!

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  14. it looks fabulous on you! I'm still testing them all out and i'm finding it hard to stop using my Japanese ones haha.. I agree with you on the scent and SPF. You looks flawless there!

  15. Can't wait for reviews on the other products! Great review for this one as well! =) Btw, I agree I wished it has SPF. But most of my BB cream that I order before always had SPF, so I don't understand why they don't have it.

  16. Penny! you look gorge! i love how it has this soft focus effect on the skin. <3 the no SPF bit is quite a let down though. :P

  17. I've never heard of this brand, but the BB cream looks fantastic on your skin. V luminous.

  18. looks like a good line of products. what's your comment on the whitening and moisturizing benefits?

  19. Ugh you got spammed, love :C ^ up there. Ew I hate spam.

    ANYWAYS. Your skin looks freaking amazing! I look like a leper atm >_>" My skin's all stupid and ugly... Stupid cold, dry wind ruining my skin :C

  20. oooo another Korean brand I must try!! :P I love the look of the packaging and the cream looks perfect on you...Im in the mood to try a new bb cream xoxo

  21. oh another BB cream!!! must try! thnx for sharing the review!! i live and breathe in BB cream lol

    xoxo jenna

  22. This looks almost luminous, but in a very natural way. Very nice! You have such flawless skin too!

  23. you have the most flawless skin dolll!

    <33 Sharlene

  24. I love Luview too. I tried one of their BB cream and their one touch brush sun powder. Thanks for the review, I think I want to try this one out now. :))

    Best Regards!
    Des of

  25. i loved this review and how you went into detail about the product!

  26. great review and it has really good coverage^^ i love these products and the review is really nice and informative..

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