Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Clarins Instant Definition Mascara Review

I recently received a travel sized sample of Clarins' new Instant Definition Mascara, and here are my quick thoughts on it.

It comes in 3 shades; Intense Black, Intense Brown and Intense Blue -£19

The sample was in Intense Black. As this mascara was a sample size, it did not have the gorgeous gold packaging of the full-sized product.

Here's a close up of the mascara wand -the tip is in the style of a comb.

According to Clarins:

A repairing and nourishing formula that strengthens and adds intense colour and volume to every lash. With a texture that creates a highly resistant, even film along the length of the lashes to give stay-fast daylong wear.

Application according to Clarins:

Using the nylon fibre brush, apply the mascara to the upper and lower lashes working from the base out to the tips. More brush strokes add more volume. Using the elastomer bristle tip, separate and define the shortest lower lashes at both the inner and outer corners of the eye. For lash perfect precision you can also use the tip to comb and place lashes one by one.

My Thoughts:

Here is a pic of my lashes without mascara:

And here is a pic of my eyes with Clarins Instant Definition Mascara:

I found that they do increase the length of my lashes giving an almost false lash look. However it did not increase the volume of my lashes much. The mascara accessed the corner lashes fairly well. My eyes are pretty sensitive, and this doesn't irritate them. In addition, the mascara has good staying power and doesn't smudge. I found them a touch more difficult to remove than other mascaras.

The problem I have with this mascara is it's rather clumpy. More clumpy than other formulas I've tried. I need to separate my lashes with a disposable mascara wand to remove the clumps.

Would I purchase the full size?

Sadly not. At £19 it's fairly pricey for a mascara. I much prefer my Max Factor False Lash Effect which cost almost half that. My main lash concern is lack of volume so I'm more interested in mascaras which give high impact volume to my stringy lashes!


  1. I think ur lashes is thick and long naturally! The mascara did add more definition though...and the price is definitely steep for a mascara...

    Thanks for reviewing them! =)


  2. wow your natural lashes are soooo long? is thay for real? >_<

  3. @jenny07 thanks for complimenting my lashes! Yup, they're real. I've been using a lash serum to boost their length.

  4. You've got amazingly pretty, long lashes, Penelope! I'm on a never-ending quest for a volumizing mascara that doesn't give spider-lashes myself.

  5. whoa your lashes are long without the mascara!!! but ya they didn't seem to increase the volume by much

  6. your lashes are so long even without the mascara! jealous!

  7. I thought the picture of lashes before mascara was the mascara picture, hehe =) You have really nice lashes; you could certainly do a lot with them!

  8. Your lashes look so long Penelope, gorgeous! xx

    Kisses, Melanie
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  9. ow amazing mascara is the firt time than I see this product looks really cool...

    God Bless you~~

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  10. hey! which lash serum do you use to make it so long!!! did u already had such long lashes before u started using the serum?

  11. Oh, this mascara are amazing!
    Your blog is awesome and I hope my blog became like your.

  12. that is amazing, your lashes are VERY long lol

  13. It looks nice on you and your lashes are so long, I'm so jealous. That's too bad that you wouldn't re-purchased them again. I not really a mascara person, so I wouldn't know what mascara is good or not. But for volume I like the one that has fiber in there, the only bad part is removing them off.

  14. oh dear.. you have pretty lashes!!!

  15. Sad that it isn't a better product, and I have noticed a lot of mascaras adding length but nothing else to most people's lashes. If you ever get the chance, Chanel Inimitable is good for volume...but it might irritate your eyes (as it does mine, just a touch).

  16. Thanks so much for you great comments and compliments on my lashes. I've noticed that since using Rapidlash my lashes have become longer.
    @Dawn S, my lashes were pretty long-ish before using the serum

  17. you have amazingly long lashes. rapidlash does work!

  18. wow I'm really jealous of your natural long lashes.. do you have any secrets?? I think it's just amazing genes lol

  19. I just saw your comment on Rapidlash! I dont think you need to review to see those amazing results ^^

  20. Thanks for the honest review, I think your lashes are beautiful with or without this mascara!;D

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