Thursday, September 1, 2011

Western BB Creams: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Another Western Brand has jumped on the BB Cream wagon. Garnier has come up with their Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One BB Cream. For an intro into the Western perspective of BB Creams, this Daily Mail Article makes quite a good read.

List of ingredients:

This is priced at £9.99 for a 50ml Tube.

Product Claims:

-24h hydration

-UV protection

-primer and skin perfecter

-blurs redness, sunspots

-smooths fine lines

-illuminates and brightens

and a quote from Garnier website: Go B.B! In just one step, even, cover, hydrate, illuminate and help protect your skin.

The product comes in a fairly small tube beige coloured shiny tube. The tube has a flip top cap for the product to be squeezed out.

The BB cream comes in 2 shades; light and medium. I bought 'Light'.

Light is pale to medium beige shade. My my skin it comes out a shade darker (and more bronze) than my natural skin colour. It would be perfect for those wanting a Summer glow. But for those who desire pale, porcelain skin, I think you will find this shade a little too dark.

Once blended it gives the skin a gorgeous glow.

The BB cream on my skin:

My Thoughts:

Texture and Scent
The BB cream is has the texture of a really thick tinted moisturiser. However, it is light enough to spread easily onto the skin. The cream feels quite nice of dry to normal skin, but I worry that it might be too greasy for those with combination-oily skin. It has a pleasant, fresh, floral scent.

Colour and Coverage
As I mentioned earlier, 'Light' is a little to dark for my MAC NC15-20 skin. Coverage is medium to sheer, similar to tinted moisturiser if applied sparingly. Does not conceal spots or sun-spots. Coverage is build-able. The best thing bout this cream is that it gives the skin an amazing healthy, natural looking glow. This BB cream is pretty long-wearing. It's also fairly hydrating, though I wouldn't use this instead of my normal moisturiser.

Differences to Asian BB Creams:

-no ashy grey undertone

-sheerer coverage (would not function as a foundation)

-shades are darker than that of Asian BB creams

-does not contain whitening benefits


-contains mineral pigments to even out skintone

-provides gorgeous natural looking glow

-contains SPF

-sheer build-able coverage

- covers minor imperfections


-limited shade range, light was too dark for me

- some might find SPF15 too low

-may be too greasy for combination-oily skins

-some may find coverage too sheer


  1. This looks beautiful and glowy on you, Penelope! But I knew it would't work for me when I read that it's sheer. I like a higher SPF, too!

  2. Wow, what a great review and I'm surprised we don't have any over here in the US yet. You look beautiful in the picture and I like how natural it looks on you. I'm more into the natural looking, although my looks are starting to be bright lol!

  3. Thank you for reviewing this and for adding the ingredient list. I agree that this looks really nice on you, but then again you always look beautiful! I was looking forward to trying this but alcohol makes my skin go nuts :/

  4. Thanks for this review! I'm a big fan of BB creams but I might skip this one since my skin tends to get oily. I think it looks great on your skin though!

  5. Thanks for sharing this review!!

  6. £9.99 is a bit steep for the Garnier BB cream. If I'm not mistaken, the Asian version costs below RM 25, I can't remember the exact figure. And I only recall seeing a single shade, they definitely need to improve on this and follow their western counterpart!

  7. 10 quids for a bb cream?! wow that's a bit steep.
    It looks awesome on you but you have awesome skin. I'm sure it'll do absolutely nothing for me T.T
    At least now darker skinned ladies can get on to the BB cream train!

  8. Garnier also released an under eye BB cream and I just cant wait to have one! thank so much for this review! kisses! do join my giveaway!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - H&M Leather Bands Giveaway!

  9. hi penelope, hi mar, happy to see this review bec on the other side of the bridge, i tried the bb eye roll. :D you may see my blog post here

  10. wow the power of BB cream haha! I feel a bit annoyed and happy at the same time that western brands have jumped on the band wagon...but my question would be - can they do it right??

    Btw I always love your reviews, so detailed!

  11. interesting I don't think they sell that here in Canada yet? I haven't seen this around... man what BB creams can do!!

  12. I was in Superdug on Monday, and they are having £2 off offer on this. Alas, only Medium left on the shelves.

    I tried the testers, love the light texture and the scent. Light looked ok on my skin.

  13. Thanks for reviewing this!! me and my cousin saw this and I persuaded her to try it. I hope it will work well for her.. I was tempted but finally didn't go through it. You already have a beautiful complexion, and it enhances it nicely!

  14. It does leave your skin glowing! I really want to try this and I'm glad it doesn't seem to have that grey undertone. Thanks for the review!

  15. I have this product too~ It looks great on you babe!! I love the dewy finish it gives me, but I agree that it may be a bit greasy for oily skin.

  16. Wow.! You look so fresh babe! I' d like to try this one! Thanks for the great review!;-)

  17. I've been searching for the list of ingredients for about an hour and this is the only place I can find them so thank you!!